Wednesday Night Magic & Ranking
WTMH organizes Wednesday Night Magic at League Castle Mongkok. Events are HK$ 80 to join, start at 8 pm and are 3 rounds.
You can find the ranking for the current season here!

Hong Kong Stores
Click on the expand button to see the address and MTR exit. Click on the Store name for details on opening hours, upcoming events and a Google map.
A Joy FB
66 Sha Tsui Road, room 1904
MTR: Tsuen Wan West, Exit A2
Basic Land FB
501 Nathan Road - 3/F
MTR: Yau Ma Tei, exit C
Battleground FB
11 Cheung Shun St - 5/F
MTR: Lai Chi Kok, exit D2
Confluence FB
1701 Hewlett Center
MTR: Kwun Tong, Exit B1
League Castle Mongkok FB
608 Nathan Road - 15/F
MTR: Mongkok, Exit E2
League Castle Wanchai FB
194-204 Johnston Road - 7/F
MTR: Wan Chai
Magic Teens
155-181 Castle Peak Road - G/F
MTR: Cheung Sha Wan, exit A2
143 A, 1/F, Smiling Plaza, 162-188 Un Chau St, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
MTR: Cheung Sha Wan Exit A2, Tsuen Wan Line
MTG Mint Card
205-211 Wing Lok Street - 9/F
MTR: Sheung Wan, Exit B
The Vault
15-17 Sing Yip Street - 5/F
MTR: Kwun Tong, exit B1/B2
War Room
241 Hennessy Road - 2/F
MTR: Wan Chai, exit A2
19-21 Shing Yip Street - 6/F
MTR: Kwun Tong, exit B1/B2
Weekday Modern events
Many stores in Hong Kong have weekday Modern events (updated 8-Jul-19):
Players Tour WPN Qualifiers in HK
This season there are 3 WPN Qualifiers for the Players Tour. The format is Standard for all 3:
- Sun 27-Oct at League Castle Mongkok Facebook event
- Sun 24-Nov at League Castle Wanchai Facebook event
- Sun 15-Dec at Basic Land Facebook event
End of Season Modern and Standard
Coming weekend you can play in the End of Season events for this Wednesday Night Magic season. You don't need to play WNM to enjoy these events, but they count for the same ranking and the prize credits you win can be added to your WNM prize points.

These events count for the current season's ranking. This season ends on Sunday after the Standard event. Players can use prize points collected during the season starting Saturday after the swiss rounds. On Sunday the top 16 of the ranking will receive their additional points.

Saturday Modern: 31-Aug, start at 14:00, HKD 100
Sunday Standard: 1-Sept, start at 14:00, HKD 100

Prizes: After the swiss rounds (3-5, depending on number of players) everyone wins something: a premium lucky draw prize for the top half of the standings, and a regular lucky draw prize for the lower half. On top of that the top 4 players play 2 single elimination rounds for additional prizes. See below for details.

Prize details:

Prize wall points:
If your lucky draw prize contains store credit / prize wall points you can choose to either use it as store credit, or to use them as points for the end-of-season "prize wall". If you use them as prize wall points you can spend them directly or message Sjoerd later with the cards/packs you would like. You can also save points to use as entry fees for WNM events. The prize wall will be in binders, but pictures will be added to this website. You can combine your points with prize points from WNM events. If you like something on the prize wall but you don't have enough points, you can simply pay the difference in HKD.
WTMH Ranking 2019 Season 1
The first season of 2019 is in the books and you can find the final ranking here and the prizewall here.
Congrats to Ernest: the Season Champion!
Mythic Championship Qualification
UPDATE: The Mythic Championship Qualifier schedule for MC Barcelona has been released and you can find it here.
If you want to know how to qualify for a Mythic Championship you can read the full article on the mothership, but maybe the summary below helps.
Qualification for tabletop Mythic Championships Barcelona (Jul) and Richmond (Nov)
TabletopWinners of the 150 worldwide qualifier events (MCQ)*
TabletopTop 8 players (or 39 match points) in a Grand Prix (top 4 for team GP's)
TabletopWinners of an MCQ at a MagicFest
TabletopWinners of Last Chance Qualifiers the day before the Mythic Championship
MTGOWinners of online MCQ Finals
MTGOPlayers qualified for the 2019 Magic Online Championship
MTGORunner ups of MOCS playoffs
ProPlayers with 33 match points in the previous Mythic Championship
ProTop 8 teams in the 2018–19 Mythic Championship Team Series Leaderboard
ProSilver (with unused invite), Platinum and Gold Pros in the Core Set 2020 cycle
* MCQ's for Barcelona will be held between May 11 and June 16 and a detailed schedule will be announced in April. The planeswalker point threshold for these MCQ's will be 200 in the previous 3 months, but this won't be in effect yet for the Barcelona MCQ's.
Qualification for MTG Arena Mythic Championships (dates t.b.a.)
MTGATop 16 of the Mythic Qualifier Weekend (top 1000 mythic ranked are invited)
MTGATop 4 non-NPL players for MTGA Mythic Championships will qualify for the next
MTG CubeTube: Combos in Cube
This video is all about combos in cube. Should you include them in your cube? Which ones are good? And how do you create the right context for them?
Check out the Mtg CubeTube channel on Youtube.
Hong Kong Nationals 2017
News on Planeswalkers, Ixalan Spoilers and the GP HK playmat
Goodbye to the Planeswalker uniqueness rule
With the release of Ixalan all planeswalkers will be legendary and follow the normal legendary rule. read more

Ixalan spoilers from stolen sheet
Wizards have confirmed that the uncut Ixalan sheet that was stolen in June was indeed genuine. read more

Grand Prix Hong Kong playmat:

Changes to in-store events
Store Championship replaces Game Day
Store Championships will be held at the end of a season before the release of a new set. There will be promo cards, deck boxes and playmats featuring the upcoming new set. read more

FNM: double-sided tokens replace foil cards
FNM seasons will from now on be aligned with the current set. Promos will be double-sided tokens.
Update: this change has been reversed. read more

Showndown boosters will include foil promo lands
Starting with Ixalan, Showdown packs will include a promo foil basic land with art from Magic's history. read more
Changes to blocks, return of core sets
Wizards announced a few important changes: no more blocks, the return of core sets, Masterpieces will no longer be in all sets and the Gatewatch will have a smaller presence in future sets. read more
Top 4 Modern decks at the Hong Kong Open 2017
Siu On Chang:
UW Eldrazi & Taxes
Brian Wong:
Naya Burn
Joe Lam:
Amulet Combo
William Ho:
Modern metagame at the Hong Kong Open 2017
We identified the following 35 different decks at the HK Open. We're even grouping some decks that maybe should not be grouped:

5 Ad Nauseam3 Titanshift2 BW Eldrazi & Taxes1 Eldrazi Tron1 Eggs
4 Affinity3 Death's Shadow1 Naya Zoo1 BW 8 Rack1 Infect
4 Naya Burn2 Lantern Control1 Storm1 Jund1 Blue Moon
3 Bant Eldrazi2 Boros Nahiri1 Through the Breach1 UW Eldrazi Vial1 Abzan Company
3 Jeskai control2 UB Mill1 GW Hatebears1 Dredge1 Bogles
3 Esper Control2 Abzan1 Abzan Eldrazi & Taxes1 Charbelcher combo1 UW Control
3 Merfolk2 BG Tron1 Jeskai Gifts1 4c Combo 1 Amulet Combo

Video coverage of the Hong Kong Open
Tcgforum did great work by covering a lot of matches at the HK Open 2017:

Unboxing MM2017
Watch this great and unorthodox unboxing video by David Wright: